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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 1, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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want. ♪ whatever you do, don't stop [ female announcer the laughing cow. have you laughed today? now, three delicious new flavors to love. ♪ ♪ don't stop he helped savedded lives as a paramedic, now this giant's fan is fighting for his own life after being jumped outside of the dodger stadium. good evening i'm julie haener.
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>> and i'm frank somerville. the police department released two sketches depicting the suspects in which police are calling an unprovoked attack. >> reporter: we're at the moose lodge. many people here know the fan as someone who loves helping people. ryan stowe is in the business of saving lives. supervisors at american response say he loves helping people. >> we don't see it within our own family so it's kind of tragic. >> reporter: stowe's workers told us he attended the giant opener with three friends. two men wearing dodgers
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clothing attacked stowe from behind in the parking lot. >> they hit him from behind and he fell, then they started kicking him. >> he's the kind of guy you want to go out with when you're out on the town. he's very good looking. superfunny. he's got a personality that looks and a silver tongue. >> reporter: stowe is seen here with both of his younger sisters. they both are now in the los angeles area at his bedside. police say the attack was
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unprovoked. that stowe and his friends tries to ignore the attackers. here's another look at the sketches of those suspects, police describe them as hispanic males 18 to 25 years old. at the news conference just moments ago, the men fled in a light colored four door sedan with a female get away driver. they also said surveillance video has not been helpful and that they need witnesses to come forward. we contacted management of the oakland a's to ask about safety at tonight's opener. a's fans who were tailgating said they don't worry about fight, but a lonely seattle fan had different thoughts. >> i'm going to take my chances, i guess. i hope security is good. >> problems after the game are rare because people simply leave when the game is over. as we mentioned, tonight was
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the a's season opener in oakland. coming up at about 10:30, why fans are frustrated with the teams in effort to keep them in oakland. a southwest flight from phoenix to sacramento made an emergency landing. there was a hole, and it wasn't a small one. a passenger posted this pickture. people were passing out from not getting enough oxygen. the u.s. coast guard searched the waters off of san francisco's stinson beach.
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a full scale search was mounted in san jose this afternoon after a 14-year-old boy reported his 3-year-old brother was missing from their home on flint creek way. the 3-year-old was playing near his garage, the older brother told police he went inside for a few minutes and when he came out the boy was gone. the 14-year-old then called police. but it turned out all to be a false alarm. the boy's mother had taken the youngster with her in the shopping trip. the problem was her cell phone was not working. the mother and child were located at a wal-mart store about three hours later. ktvu's john sasaki reports when guns are involved a simple accident can have serious consequences. >> reporter: friday afternoon outside richmond high school and students celebrate the weekend. today they are also remembering
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a good friend lekia lackley. >> we were supposed to hang out today. nobody thought she would get shot. >> she was a really good girl. she would go to class. >> reporter: investigators say they were playing with a gun when it went off. >> there's nothing to indicate right now she was a murder victim. we're definitely investigating it. like we said we don't know who was handling the give up. >> and police don't know where the gun came from. the boy's name has not been released but outside his house we talked to his father. not wanting to appear on camera, he said little other than lakia was a sweet girl and children should not be playing with guns. >> there's so much that goes on out there out of our view. >> does this teach you a lesson about guns and how dangerous
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they are. >> yes, stay away from them. >> the district brought in grief counselors to work with students and staff upset by this incident. police say they still think this was an accident but an autopsy will reveal more details. john sasaki. the news on the job front is positive. the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 8.8% in march. that is the lowest level in two years. 216,000 jobs were added last month in the private-sector and president obama said, it's a start. >> nearly two years out of the worse recession, in our
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lifetime. >> the encouraging job numbers helped start out april right where it left off. the dow gained 57 points, the nasdaq improved eight. toyota recalled 2 million cars to fix floor mats that could push on the accelerate. lawsuits about those problems are working their way through the courts. new sales figures show fuel efficient cars have been selling well in recent weeks. now at 10:00, lloyd lacuesta is live where he discovered people buying cars are keeping the bottom line in mind. >> reporter: it wasn't too long ago there was a talk of the demise of toyota because of
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those recall vehicles. and i'm at milpedas toyota where they tell us sales could not have been better last month with new and used cars. >> it was a good price. it worked for me and my wife. we've been looking for a while. it just kind of said, hi i'm here. >> reporter: ian was also shopping at the used car lot. >> i'm looking at one that already has miles on it so i'm not going full sticker price. other wise just looking for a good commuter car. >> why are you looking at a used car rather than a new car? >> purely because of the price. >> reporter: the organization of auto dealers says auction prices for two to 3-year-old fuel efficient cars rose 11% last month. some of that due to rising car prices and a lower supply of new cars. sales of the toyota prius hybrid rose 58% last month. >> prius are really popular now.
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we're selling more of those than camrys right now. >> reporter: the japan earthquake is expected the cause delays. >> right now is a perfect time to buy a car. because i could see if what happened in japan affects the business, i can see supplies being a little shorter in the future. >> reporter: in the case of the toyota prius, toyota says there's no discounts. and in may prices will rise in average of 1.7%. not just toyota but price increases are expected across the entire industry. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on just how much demand for cars there is right now. new numbers show for march, auto makers sold 1.2 million cars. that's up almost 17% from last year. one of the big winners was
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the ford motor company outselling gm last month for only the third time since 1970. ford sold 6,800 more vehicles than gm . a beautiful pacific sunset tonight. but changes are on the horizon. our chief meteorologist bill martin has tomorrow's forcast in eight minutes. sports fishing fans are
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the california fish and game announced that the salmon season will open on time tomorrow. good news because in the recent years the season has either been delayed or cancelled. janine de >> reporter: it's almost like a cruel april fools joke, because even if there's a lot of fish in the water, getting there
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will prove tough. >> we've been coming for 15 years. >> reporter: he showed us pictures of past catches. >> that was a 28 and 22-pound salmon. >> i like it. i like salmon fishing. >> reporter: the california department of fish and game cancelled the 2008 and 2009 salmon seasons because the population of salmon took a dangerous dive. plunges to hundreds of thousands to an all time low of 39,000 fish. last season the season was shortened, and it seems to have paid off with more bountiful numbers this season. >> i think there's 279,000 estimated central valley fish in the ocean. >> reporter: but with these tourists and fishing tour operators did not expect are gail force winds and swells of up to 15 feet. >> i am just calling you to let you know we're canceling the
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salmon tours for opening day because the swells are too dangerous. >> there's a lot of people that are hanging by a thread. hoping for one good season to get them out of the hole. so that's what we would really like to see. >> reporter: and while most of the tour boat operators in the san francisco area, monterey looks like they'll be having decent weather tomorrow for fishing out there in the water the start of what many home will be a long and prosperous salmon season. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. pg & e says 300 out of more than 5,000 customers now have their power back on. this is happening in noe valley and diamond heights. the outage was first reported at about 8:30 tonight. pg & e has several crews working on the problem and this point it doesn't have an
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estimated plan for when all customers will have their power restored. the humane society is investigating the death of a dog that may have been poisoned. the humane society says the pug died in his home during an unsupervied party hosted by teenagers. it is believed that the dog may have been drinking alcohol from its bowl and may have also inhaled marijuana smoke. administrators contacted authorities after hearing students talking about the dog's death. the mother at the home where the party occurred took the dead dog to the vet who also notified the humane society. but the investigation may not be the only problem. millvalely has a social host ordnance if an adult knowingly allows under aged drinking at her home. san jose released pictures with surveillance video of a
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san jose bank robbery. the man is described as 5'8al," 190 to 200 pounds. san jose police tonight announce two suspects are now in custody in connection with last month's deadly shooting outside a mcdonalds. officers arrested 18-year-old brandon watlond and 18-year-old raymu n -- raymundo nava. the two have been arrested. and saleem bey has said he was the source for chauncey bailey's reporting. he was told to report back to court april 11th. it's now been two weeks
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since the barry bonds perjury trial and it's now winding down. >> reporter: his trial isn't over yet. but it seems like the court of the public found him guilty a long time ago. >> he did it. >> reporter: count two bonds' is asked whether anyone besides his doctor ever injected him with anything. no no bonds says. count three he denies anderson gave him anything he thought was human growth hormone. and in count four bonds answered no, no, no, not at all when asked if he took anything from anderson before the 2003 season. that's why the system of
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bonds's bonds' childhood friend and personal shopper is very important. she says she saw anderson inject bonds in the stomach area. >> she goes to the injection count. >> reporter: if two has handicapped the case. >> barry bonds has the best legal talent money can buy. >> reporter: soon, jurors will fill a form like this and we'll finally know if barry bonds is guilty or not. and cyclist tiland has admitted to using steroids and has accepted a two year suspension. tiland first broke the anti doping rule in 2008. and all of his results since then have been disqualified. tiland used both natural and
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synthetic testosterone. he had no comment. san jose reached 84 diagnoses. highs tomorrow come down as much as five to 15 degrees. temperatures go down as the clouds move in. the forecast for tonight will be increasing clouds. don't expect rain on saturday. shouldn't be an issue but the clouds and the cooler weather will come into play. computer model for tomorrow, tonight at 2:00 a.m. there's clouds. this is showing clouds and precept. but you notice the model is not painting any rain in there. 8:00a.m. on saturday, we're about getting weak frontal passage. at noon the clouds are clearing out. by late afternoon it's nice. it'll be real windy offshore and we'll look for temperatures to be down 10 to 15 degrees. we'll take a look at sunday and the chance of rain showers next
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week. and a memorial was set up for christina who died in the tucson shootings that also critically injured congresswoman giffords. and a dog rescued three weeks after the tsunami and earthquake in japan. and opening day means optimism for the a's out
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in japan tonight the
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government addressed the concern from radiation from damaged nuclear reactors. some of the readings have shown extremely high levels of radiation only to be lowered levels. the amount of leaked radiation at this point remains unclear. and the effort continues to find the thousands of people thought missing or feared dead. today a dog was spotted on a floating mass of debris and rescued. the search is scheduled to continue through sunday but officials said it may continue after that. a week after capitola was flooded out, the city is rolling out the welcome mat for
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visitors. >> reporter: helene rena opened up his clothing shop since a week. he is one of the merchants who set up shop under a tent provided by the city. >> i have already sold a bunch of julie and clothes, i haven't even gotten the mannequins out yet. >> reporter: the beach is full of people visiting. >> we've already bought a pwufrplg of bunch of stuff from the shops. >> reporter: today the crews are setting up pipes in a culvert. inside stores, crews are ventilating areas. but this vendor is advertising a no more flood sale. >> i think people will appreciate a good sale. i want to make sure they will come in. >> people coming by they want
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to give extra money just to help out. and i said no we're not asking for donations or anything. they just say no, we want to help out. >> reporter: the chamber of commerce set up a relief fund. the generosity is spreading . some of the merchants who are victims themselves are donating to that fund. a remote part of the highway 101 in humble county should be open to traffic next week. caltrans says crews are working around the clock to clear a massive mud slide there from a section of road about a mile road of deem creek. two days ago the hillside slid on to the highway. caltrans expects to have one lane cleared for traffic by monday. but it'll only be open 12 hours starting at 6:00 a.m. they just treat us like we're second class citizens. he cancelled his season passes. frustration among fans and what people are doing to try to keep
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the oakland a's opened their season tonight with a loss to the seattle mariners. fans are worried the team will leave oakland. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live at the coliseum where there might be some new hope tonight. >> maybe just a little bit. believe it or not tonight was actually a sell out. more than 36,000, the team even sold another thousand standing room only tickets. a lot of those fans were wearing t-shirts like this one. they were urging and demanding ownership let the team stay
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here in oakland. >> drive to left. >> reporter: new and improved a's have hopes of winning on the field. but if the team will stay in oakland they'll have to win over fans like owenson. >> i just feel like we're second class citizens. >> reporter: he cancelled his season tickets because of concern. >> we're smart consumers. when we don't think we're getting our money's worth. we put it some where else. >> reporter: now lewis is back and he joined fans wearing their feelings on shirts and banners. but that enthusiasm hasn't come in large numbers. the a's finished second to last in the tenant. we found major jean quan. she insists the vision of a new stadium could still become a reality. >> we're still talking to major league baseball, we want the a's to stay. >> reporter: former a's great
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dave stewart weighed in. >> i loved the ball club to stay here in this part of the bay area in the oakland area if they could. you know on the other side of the coin. i guess you have to do what you have to. what is oakland without the oakland a's? >> reporter: fans cleared out of here pretty quickly tonight. a few of them admitted to me that winning could cure a lot of things for the oakland a's. they said they'll be more likely to come out here and help the team turn around those attendance numbers if the team is in contention. we have more details about the significance of today's game. more than 45 members of the japanese media covered the game. the entire series will be televised live in japan where they are revered. as for tonight's game itself, mark ibanez will have that a little bit later in
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sports. you may notice a lot of people dressed up in wild costumes this weekend around masconi center in san francisco. because it is the annual comicon event. superheros and supervillains were on the floor. the fans got to see the latest. >> the way i see comic book collectors is any other fan. they come out wearing a's shirts or giants shirts, i come out wearing my superhero costume. sunday is the last day nummi will accept paper form for most riders. it's part of nummi's transition to clipper cards. riders today were busy switching over. the monthly pass fare option will continue but it has to be
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loaded up to the clipper card. senior fast passes will be accepted through june. three burglaries on stores on the same street on the same night. that's what happened recently on clement street and there have been several more burglaries since then. christien kafton shows us one way they're getting in and what's being done about it. >> by day clement street bustles with activity, but at night thieves roam the street trying to get into the businesses. >> two months ago we had a spike in commercial burglaries. within the past 30 days we had a return, we think one commercial burglar or two. >> reporter: on just one night in february three business were struck. >> let me show you one of the ways police say burglars
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operate out here in the richmond district. they will remove those pieces of glass over the door and sneak in. but police say they have a local solution, they are asking business owners to install a safe and they have one other piece of advise. >> we want them to leave a light on. >> reporter: police are telling business owners that low tech alerts will work. police are also taking a high tech approach to advise neighbors using twitter to update business and residents of how criminals work and who they target. >> it's a way of reaching more and more people in different ways. >> reporter: shopkeepers we spoke with said they'll follow the advise but they want a stronger police presence. >> cops, we need more cops to patrol the streets. especially late at night. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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christien kafton. and peterson was convicted of murdering his wife lacy and their unborn child. this was the second time peterson's lawyer has asked the state supreme court for more time for an appeal. in the case of scott thomas and against two of his victims, a teenage girl who thomas stabbed at a san francisco bakery and a man who intervened sued the state arguing thomas was mistakingly paroled. thomas was supposed to be under special supervision but was not. the court said a parolee cannot be supervised every minute. city council has to decide tomorrow which department to
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take over half-moon bay. 40% of that city's budget is spent on police services. the damage to a delta commuter jet forced to make an emergency landing. and i'm back in less than 10 minutes, we're going to take a complete look at your
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in news of the world tonight, in libya rebels fighting forces loyal to gadhafi changed their tactics. only former military officers and those with some military training are being allowed to fight. the untrained rebels have suffered defeats against the
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better trained and better equipped progadhafi forces. also ahead, a call from the rebels for seize fire was rejected. thousands of people stormed the united nations compound and killed at least one people including at least 11 u.n. workers. unable to find an american target, they lashed out at the united nations. in florida, pastor terry jones insisted he was not responsible for those deaths. and in mexico, gunmen killed at least ten people at a bar late last night in juarez. they found 140 bullet casings at the scene. today three people were shot dead at a burrito stand. activists who fight against
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abuse by priest staged a protest today at the university of san francisco. they said they made sure a man who used to work there father mcgire is now behind bars. >> he's a former priest, former jesuit which this is a jesuit institution, he has now been locked up because of our efforts. >> reporter: people in san francisco may know of more victims of mcguire. in the 30 years since mcguire worked there no one has come forward and they have shared documents with s.n.a.p. s. and 46-year-old young chu worked as a computer technician for the city school district before quitting last month. chu is being held on more than a dozen felonies. the jail tells ktvu news he is scheduled to open a plea one week from today. the virginia man accused of
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kidnapping his ex-girlfriend's daughter then bringing her to san francisco is now facing a much more serious charge. a grand jury in virginia returned an abduction with intent to defile charge against jeffrey scott easley today it carries a life sentence. san francisco police arrested the 33-year-old back in december after a nationwide search for the girl who was 12 years old at the time. a damaged commuter plane made an emergency landing after flying into a flock of cranes. the police caused a gaping hole. nobody on board was hurt. it's not quite the bottom of the ninth for cal baseball. a group called save cal baseball has raised $1 million
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and now has six more weeks to raise another million dollars. just an amazing gift. 10 surgeries, five
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it is a story you will see only on two. john fowler takes us into the operating room as doctors perform a unique series of transplants hoping to save not just one but five lives. as john shows us it's the first time it's ever been done on the west coast.
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>> reporter: at san francisco's california pacific center. we were there for a remarkable 10 operation sequence. five recipients getting five anonymous living donor kidneys. >> just an amazing gift. >> reporter: 65-year-old april lansgraph waited on a transplant list five years without a donor match. >> so i've watched her lose energy and her appetite and -- >> reporter: april and her husband alan make one of today's pairs but their tissues does not match. so april is receiving from someone she doesn't know. adam is donating a kidney to someone he doesn't know. >> it's a rare opportunity. you live your life and you have two kidneys and you don't need them both. >> reporter: all truism yes. but alan's donation ensures his wife gets a live kidney. four other pairs of nonmatching donors and recipients made the same deal. this unique donor change made
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possible by a special tissue match computer program. doctors say this approach could revolutionize kid nee transplants. >> every time we do one of these kidney pair donations, take the patients off the waiting list, makes another kidney available for someone who doesn't have a living donor operation. >> reporter: charlotte and their brother sidney both inherented an illness, one day they will both need the transplant. >> it's going to make somebody else aware that they can help. >> reporter: organ donation is the gift of life. a fresno packing company is recalling sprouts because they might be contaminated. louis foods international says that the sprouts may contain
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salmonella. they have a use by date of on or about april 14th. state public health officials say no illnesses have been reported on we've posted a link to a page that lists the exact products you can find it under web links. san francisco's treasure island is raising a new crop of business that may appeal to people who don't want to drive all the way to napa or sonoma to visit wine country. four wineries now called t.i. home. they operate out of a hanger that once housed clipper china boats. a business owner says good crops are the key not the location. >> we're bottling, everything done here. >> reporter: the fat grape is another winery on the island. it occupies the old navy brig and there are two smaller operations, all the wineries
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are open on the weekends. many of you have started your weekend. we had five weekends in a row in san jose. that's going to mark a big drop in temperatures tomorrow as the clouds move in, filters sunshine. that cools things off. already this evening temperatures are cooler. santa rosa right now they are a good 10 to 12 degrees cooler. most areas are five to 10 degrees cooler. the cooling has already started. instead of low 80s we're looking at mid-60s, upper 60less. here come all the clouds. there's the weather system. that's the frontal bend. that's where the rain would come from. it doesn't look like it has a lot of umph. more in terms of drizzle saturday morning then it's out of here. increasing clouds and cooler for saturday. i said a chance of shower north because that's the best shot for a shower. would be north of santa rosa.
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so the computer mode model, this is the longer range. this would show rain but it's not showing it. cool mild temperatures during the day on sunday will be mostly in the upper 60s, low 70s then sunday night. so we're in a nice weather pattern. it's not going to be wet like we thought earlier in the week but it will be cooler. they're not that bad. we're just spoiled because we've been dealing with highs well into the -- 80s. record highs three days atin60f looks like a good one. you will notice the wind tomorrow julie. you will notice it's cooler. you will put a jacket on in the morning and in the evening hours. >> soccer games tomorrow are a go. >> i should be doing everything, fields are dry.
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a nationwide crack down on distracted drivers is set for next week. here in the bay area the effort will be led by the california traffic patrol, b.a.r.t. police and local law enforcement agencies. their aim will be to ticket drivers using hand held phones or textings behind the wheel. the news of the crack down comes a day after figures show that traffic deaths have fallen now to a historic death. the highway patrol has released new figures showing the number of tickets it's writing jumped 8% between 2007 and 2009. a spokeswoman told channel two that chp's priority is safety driven and not a way to bring in revenue. the giants against the
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a badly wounded falcon has defied the odds and is now flying free. the bird had severe burns on one claw and left wing from flying into high voltage power lines. rescuers at the wildlife center at silican valley say they feared she wouldn't survive but under their care the falcon returned to health and today they released the falcon.
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>> people are saying just catch the ball all over the newsroom tonight. hard to dream up an uglier beginning for the a's although opening night never seems to go their way. a # straight defeat at home in their first game. today fueled by five errors. not the kind of game that this guy was involved with. too many times in his illustrious career. the pride of st. elizabeth high in oakland. stewart. it was 2-2. in the sixth the faithful six, figgens hit one home run all of last year. he's equaled that total with that swing right there. and the m's lead it three will have two. here's an example of the horrible defense. a brad ziggler the pick up that
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never seems to work. in comes justice smoke 5-2. hernandez throws a complete game winner for seattle. not to be outdone. the giants played their own game of kick the can costing them a game against the dodgers. always tougher to swallow when it comes at home. and brandon belt, ticket to ride three run shot. his first big league homer puts the giants up 3-1. everybody happy for the kid. the lead did not hold up. sanchez threw very well tonight. could have gotten out of the listening there. the error ties it 3-2. instead of getting out of that inning as there were two outs. by the way sandoval with an
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error earlier in the inning helped fuel it. the rbi off of mota. and sanchez watches it all go down the drain. favored by many to snatch back that national league pennant. not a bad way to get the momentum going. mayberry jr. with the final one to send home the game winner. kind of funny with baseball. the giants win the world series. they have to start on the road. philadelphia lost in the play offs and they get to start at home. one of baseball's true ambassadors has retired. 13 years in the major league. randy web a true gentleman out of los angeles high has announced he will retire. probably see him in broadcasting or coaching. class act all the way.
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